What is Amazonite Stone? What are its Benefits and Features?

What is Amazonite Stone? What are its Benefits and Features?

Amazonite stone, named after the Amazon River, reminds us of this river in terms of shape and structure. Although it is compared to the Amazon River with its rich and water-colored tones, this stone is not actually located near the Amazon. The main center of this stone is Minas Gerais, Brazil. However, Amazonite still has a connection with the locals of the Amazon region. B.C. It is said that female warriors decorated their shields with this stone in the 10th century.

It is also a popular stone among the ancient Egyptians. This stone, which has blue-green colors, is also referred to as a stone of hope by some; because it is believed that this stone gives people hope and faith. You can take a look at the rest of the article for information about the features and benefits of this eye-catchingly beautiful stone.

What is Amazonite Stone?

Amazonite stone, which is among the natural stones, is a bluish-green ore form of the feldspar mineral. Amazonite, which is formed as a result of the combination of lead and water in the feldspar structure, gives calmness and peace with its turquoise-green color. Additionally, this stone is considered a symbol of peace. Amazonite stone, which is very sensitive to external influences, may lose its shine with too much contact. Due to its fragile structure, it must be used very carefully. It also has a structure that is easily affected by heat.

Amazonite used by ancient civilizations such as Egypt, India and Mesopotamia; It has become one of the first natural stones that come to mind in different areas, from war materials to grave decorations, from shield decoration to jewelry. Many civilizations also used Amazonite stone as amulets, armor and talismans.

Amazonite, thought to be the epitome of harmony, communication and reality, is said to soothe the nerves and calm the heart. It is also said that this stone emits vibrating rays and thus cleans the air of the environment. Amazonite, which is frequently used today especially in ornaments, decoration, jewelry and accessories, is a valuable natural stone and manages to fascinate many people with its appearance.

What are the Properties of Amazonite Stone?

Amazonite stone properties are as follows when looked at physically:

Color: Blue, green, brown, purple
Hardness: 6 – 6.5 (in mohs)
Crystal structure: Prismatic, crystal lattice
Luster: Glassy
Transparency: Translucent – ​​opaque

Amazonite stone, which is found in nature as transparent and translucent, is a stone that is very resistant to heat. This stone, which is considered among the semi-precious stones, stands out as a very valuable stone when its benefits are considered. It is used extensively in areas such as carving, ornaments and jewelry making.

Amazonite is a stone that is sensitive to external influences and its color fades when touched too much. It can be immediately affected by heat and deterioration in its structure may occur. Because of its appearance, many people compare Amazonite to jade. Amazonite has the ability to form the largest known crystal of any mineral.

It is necessary to use warm water to clean Amazonite stone. After washing under warm water for a few minutes, a soft cloth should be used to dry it and drying should be done gently. It is also possible to benefit from the sun to charge the Amazonite crystal. You can clean this stone by keeping it under sunlight for a while. However, you should be careful not to leave it waiting for too long, otherwise it may be damaged by heat.

What are the Benefits of Amazonite Stone?

Amazonite is a stone that has important physical, mental and spiritual benefits. Carrying this stone in your bag, car or on your body during the day can provide different benefits. The benefits of Amazonite stone can be briefly listed as follows:

It helps strengthen the person's body, especially the heart, nervous system and muscles.
It can neutralize and eliminate negative energy.
It helps accelerate the cell renewal process in the body after diseases and injuries.
It can strengthen bones by supporting calcium absorption.
It has a healing effect on skin problems such as acne and pimples.
It can increase focus and comprehension power.
It can be good for forgetfulness and clear the mind.
It can restrain extreme and sudden emotional ups and downs.
It makes it easier to fall asleep and sleep soundly.
It can increase communication skills.
It helps reduce stress and cure depression.
It is useful for improving productivity.
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You can wear many jewelry and accessories designed using Amazonite stone during the day. You can find many designs that you can use both on special occasions and during the day. This natural stone, which is one of the most used stones by jewelry designers with its shiny appearance and benefits, stands out with its elegance. You can see the difference of Amazonite stone in different jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.

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